Cotton cloth laminate

Cotton cloth laminate

Cotton cloth laminate (PT) is the laminar material, obtained by the method of hot pressing of cotton fabrics, which are soaked by thermosetting phenol-formaldehyde resins. Used as an electrical insulator in electrical engineering and radio technology for bushings, gears and other components.



Long-term safe work temperature, °C -65 - +105; Tensile strength, MPa, not less than 90;               Heat resistance according to Martens, C, >140;
Water absorption,%, not more than 0.7-0.9. 


It is perfect for the mechanical processing (drilling, cutting and stamping), therefore itwidely used for the production details, which work under alternating electrical and mechanical loads or friction (bushing, gears). 



Sheets: size 800x1400 mm, thickness 1-80mm;
Rods: diameter 10-60mm.