Phenoplast is easy to process plastic powder produced on the base of  phenol-ormaldehyde  resins.



Phenoplast Z6-010-78
Charpy impact strength at least 4.0 kJ/m2;
Flexural strength at least 70 MPa;
Water absorption  less than 40 mg;
Processing  temperature from  -40 to +130 ° C;
Comparative resistivity not less than 10 ¹² Ω/m;
Electric strength not less than 15 kW/mm;
Oil resistant for 24 hours 0,02%.  


It is used in production of items of technical purpose, operating in conditions of high temperature and raised moisture, electroinsulating items in the industries of electrical, radio engineering and others.


Phenoplast 03-010-02 is supplied in bags.
The approximate weight of a bag is 28 kg.